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I collect and restore antique vacuum tube electronics (i.e. "boatanchors") and vintage solid-state gear.


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Triplett 630-APLK Type 5 VOM Unboxing

Some time ago I bought a new-old-stock Triplett 630-APLK VOM from Barno Electronics near Pittsburgh, PA.

IMG 7785.jpg

In the past, I've also written about buying a new-old-stock Triplett 639-OS meter case and some

Regency AR-136 Flight Monitoradio

A friend salvaged this from the Boxborough town dump. 

IMG 6957.jpg

It’s an aviation band receiver (108 to 136 Megacycles, amplitude modulation), one of several models of Monitoradio sold by Regency. They were forerunners of the scanner. …

Bench lighting – Luxo Magnifier

I inherited my father’s swing-arm Luxo Magnifier lamp. 

IMG 1047.jpg

He used it for drafting back in the early 1960’s, when he worked at Atlantic and Gulf Stevedores working up stowage drawings for general cargo ships.

Analysis of DC zero circuit in the HP 3466A DMM

Can someone explain how the DC zero on the HP 3466A works? The manual with the full schematic is on the Keysight web-site:

The first thing to note is that the topology of the input amplifier is non-inverting on the 20 mV and 200 mV ranges, and is switched to inverting on the higher ranges. …

Erectronics potentiometer

I came across this item in a box of random parts that someone gave to me.

IMG 6954.jpg

It’s a potentiometer that was once part of an Erectronics breadboard system.

IMG 6956.jpg

The Erectronics system was an interesting solderless breadboard. …

Sylvania Polymeter 134 and 134Z Manuals

Thanks to Kent Stephenson for scanning his copies of the manuals

Sylvania Electric Polymeter 134 Instr. Book 0 Cover.jpg

 for the Sylvania Polymeter Model 134 

Sylvania Electric 134Z Polymeter Operating Manual 1.jpg

and Polymeter Model 134Z

I’ve added them to my Liberated Manuals and Books archive.

Sylvania Polymeter 134 Ad Dec 1946

He also provided a

Tektronix 454A loose BNC

The mounting nut on the Channel 1 BNC connector of my Tektronix 454A was loose.

IMG 6832.jpg

It’s painful to get access as the channel 1 and 2 input circuitry is shielded. The screws are not Phillips; they are instead Pozidriv. …

Krohn-Hite UHR-220 Power Supply

I’ve acquired a Krohn-Hite UHR-220 high voltage power supply. Thanks Ross!

IMG 6816.jpg

I really like the styling on these old Krohn-Hites.

IMG 6817.jpg

IMG 6818.jpg

The Jones socket offers the same voltages as the binding posts on the front panel. …

Tektronix 2213 focus repair

I was checking out my Tek 2213 scope before selling it, and noticed that the focus was fuzzy. 

IMG 6795.jpg

A little Duck-duck-go-ing informed me that this is a fairly common problem in this series of Tek scopes.

Probe accessories for the GR 1806-A VTVM

Over on the Antique Radio Forum, Philip Colston was asking about accessories for the RF probe of the General Radio 1806-A VTVM.

General Radio 1806A RF Probe Accessories.jpg

It turns out that the tips are identical to the accessory tips for the Tektronix P6000-series scope probes:

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