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I collect and restore antique vacuum tube electronics (i.e. "boatanchors") and vintage solid-state gear.


Tektronix 454A loose BNC

The mounting nut on the Channel 1 BNC connector of my Tektronix 454A was loose.

IMG 6832.jpg

It’s painful to get access as the channel 1 and 2 input circuitry is shielded. The screws are not Phillips; they are instead Pozidriv. …

Krohn-Hite UHR-220 Power Supply

I’ve acquired a Krohn-Hite UHR-220 high voltage power supply. Thanks Ross!

IMG 6816.jpg

I really like the styling on these old Krohn-Hites.

IMG 6817.jpg

IMG 6818.jpg

The Jones socket offers the same voltages as the binding posts on the front panel. …

Tektronix 2213 focus repair

I was checking out my Tek 2213 scope before selling it, and noticed that the focus was fuzzy. 

IMG 6795.jpg

A little Duck-duck-go-ing informed me that this is a fairly common problem in this series of Tek scopes.

Probe accessories for the GR 1806-A VTVM

Over on the Antique Radio Forum, Philip Colston was asking about accessories for the RF probe of the General Radio 1806-A VTVM.

General Radio 1806A RF Probe Accessories.jpg

It turns out that the tips are identical to the accessory tips for the Tektronix P6000-series scope probes:

Ballantine Model 300-E Sensitive Electronic Voltmeter Instruction Manual

I scanned the instruction manual for the Ballantine 300-E and added it to my Liberated Manuals archive. Click the image below to download the PDF.

Ballantine 300-E

Uniden BC-50XL Scanner service manual

My old Bearcat BC-50XL scanner is showing its age. The squelch has stopped working. It’s probably bad capacitors, so I guess it’s time to build that capacitor ESR tester I’ve been designing off and on for the past decade. 

Krohn-Hite 430-AB Audio Oscillator

I recently came by a Krohn-Hite 430-AB audio oscillator. I rather enjoy Krohn-Hite’s old tube test equipment, as they make heavy use of vacuum tube op amps.

IMG 6665.jpg

Does anyone have a scan of a manual for the 430-AB that they could share?

Information and parts suppliers for the restoration and repair of vintage test equipment


  • 2018-06-15: updated test lead listing



V-M Model 800 Changer Restoration

With help from some folks on the Antique Radio Forum, I identified this changer as a Voice of Music model 800.

IMG 2934.jpg

V-M model 800 record changer

It's a 78 RPM changer with an Astatic crystal cartridge. It was installed in a Detrola radio/phono as a replacement for the original turntable or changer. …

Detrola 448 Radio/Phono (Updated)

I'm restoring a Detrola Radio/Phono, chassis number 448.

IMG 2935

I'd already pulled the changer and the chassis. The cabinet doesn't look too bad. Some missing veneer and flaking finish, but it looks pretty clean. …

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