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Boonton Radio Corp 202-G FM-AM Signal Generator

On one of my visits with Alan Douglas, he insisted that I take this Boonton 202-G signal generator as a condition for getting some other item that I wanted from him.

IMG 4362.jpg
FM-AM Signal Generator, Type 202-G, 195-270 MC, Boonton Radio Corporation, Boonton, N.J., U.S.A.

The 202-G is a bit of an odd duck. …

Philco 37-665X console

A friend gave me a couple of consoles, a low-end Crosley and a Philco 37-665X.

IMG 4331.jpg
Philco 37-665X console cabinet. The chassis is sitting on top of it.

I gave away the Crosley at the NEARC spring meet, but I'm debating whether to restore the Philco 37-665X and keep it or to try to sell it as-is.

NEARC Spring 2017 Radio Show

I had a fun time at the NEARC spring meet on Saturday, June 3, 2017. Finds were ...

IMG 4231.jpg

... a General Radio 1310-B Oscillator, 2Hz to 2 MHz, and ...

IMG 4229.jpg

... a pair of Weston Model 80 Analyzers (Weston's fancy name for a VOM). 

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