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RCA WV-98C(K) Assembly Instructions

Thanks to Jim (rja2907 on the Antique Radio Forum) for allowing me to scan and host his copy of the Assembly Instructions for the kit version of the WV-98C.


The manual includes calibration instructions not found elsewhere, and the wiring diagrams should be quite helpful when restoring a WV-98C.

1958 Transitron Catalog

Thanks to Shawn Fox (sfox7076 on the Antique Radio Forum) for allowing me to host his scans of the 1958 Transitron Catalog.

Condensed Catalog Cover

This is the cover from the selection guide, the other scans include full data on the parts.

Precision E-200-C Signal Generator Restoration

The styling of the Precision Apparatus Company E-200-C signal generator has always appealed to me.

IMG 5786.jpg

For an economical service-grade instrument, it’s also well designed and crafted.

Hand Calibrated Reference Frequencies

Precision supplied a hand-calibrated reference frequency chart with each instrument as part of their “Servicing by Signal Substitution” instruction booklet. …

Hickok 288X chart.pdf

Hickok 277X Signal Generator restoration

The Hickok 277X is identical to the 288X, except that it omits the output meter (what Hickok calls the decibel meter).

IMG 5780.jpg

The Boatanchor Manual Archive (BAMA) has a good scan of the manual.

Hickok calls it a “Universal Crystal Controlled Signal Generator”. …

Park Metalware (Xcelite) Nut Drivers

These were my father’s tools, from back before Xcelite was even Xcelite.  

IMG 5792.jpg

IMG 5790.jpg

It started as Park Metalware Co, Inc. How long ago was that?

Clough-Brengle Model OM-A Frequency Modulated Oscillator

The final member of my former Clough-Brengle collection: a Model OM-A Frequency Modulated Oscillator, aka a wobbulator.

IMG 4301.jpg

IMG 4302.jpg

IMG 4303.jpg

IMG 4305.jpg

Here’s a view of the motor-driven wobbulator. The grill is the intake for the motor cooling fan.

Clough-Brengle Model OC Signal Generator

Here’s another member of my former Clough-Brengle collection: the Model OC Signal Generator.

IMG 4244.jpg

Clough-Brengle Model OC Signal Generator front panel. This one is serial number 1013. Ron Lawrence has serial number 455.

Clough-Brengle Model 79-B Beat Frequency Oscillator

I acquired a few pieces of pre-war Clough-Brengle test equipment as part of a deal for a Tek 454A oscilloscope. 

IMG 4274.jpg

This is one of them, the Clough-Brengle Model 79-B Beat Frequency Oscillator.

I had originally learned about Clough-Brengle from

General Radio 1203-A/B Unit Power Supplies

I restored a pair of General Radio Unit Power Supplies, a 1203-A and a 1203-B.

IMG 3631.jpg

They both needed new power cords.

IMG 3630.jpg

This is the 1203-A, with tag-board construction.

IMG 3629.jpg

This is the 1203-B.

IMG 3631.jpg

I got to use my Chinese-imitation Heyco pliers on the line cord strain reliefs. …

HP/Harrison 6202B Power Supply

Some time back, I got a bit of an education on Harrison power supplies from the folks on the Antique Radio Forum

IMG 1014.jpg

I was trying to puzzle out the 6202B from the poor scan of the schematic in the manual on the Agilent (now Keysight) web sit


Lectrotech Lectrocell

I came across a set of three RCA WV-97A VTVMs that had “Lectrocell” battery eliminators make by Lectrotech.

IMG 0921.jpg

It's the same size as a D battery.

The Lectrocell was listed in the “Product Report” section of the

RCA WV-97A code 850 serial 8799.pdf

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