Antique Electronics and Vintage Solid State

Electrolytic can oddity

While working on my V-M 307 stereo phonograph, I pulled a can-type electrolytic capacitor from the power supply. The V-M 307 uses a transformerless power supply with a voltage doubler for the B+, so the capacitor can is hot with respect to the chassis. …

Voice of Music 307 Stereo Phonograph electronics restoration

I'm starting to restore my dad's old V-M 307 stereo phonograph. I got the manual from a post on Antique Radio Forum; Oldbear uploaded the Sams Photofact for the 307 to ARF's gallery.

The V-M 307 has two electronics chassis.

Simpson Model 383A Capacohmeter

Over on the Antique Radio Forum, Williwork posted his experience restoring a Simpson model 383A Capacohmeter. It's an interesting instrument. It measures capacitance using the ohmmeter method, measures insulation resistance using 300 volts and a 87 megohm reference resistor, and measures leakage at working voltage using something Simpson calls a "pulse test".

Good-All Type 623 capacitors

I've been working on re-capping the audio chassis from my Voice of Music 307 portable stereo phonograph.


It had these unusual capacitors in it: Good-All Type 623, in 0.1 µF at 200 VDC  and 0.047 µF at 400 VDC values. …


Sue came along with me on a recent business trip to Memphis. While I was working, she was visiting the local museums. There was a photography exhibit at the Brooks Museum of Art that Sue thought I'd like to see, so we stopped there one morning. …

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