Boonton Radio Corp 202-G FM-AM Signal Generator

On one of my visits with Alan Douglas, he insisted that I take this Boonton 202-G signal generator as a condition for getting some other item that I wanted from him.

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FM-AM Signal Generator, Type 202-G, 195-270 MC, Boonton Radio Corporation, Boonton, N.J., U.S.A.

The 202-G is a bit of an odd duck. It's a variant of the Boonton 202-F, which itself is a variant of the 202-E. The 202-E was the general-purpose version of the signal generator, covering 54 to 216 Mc. The 202-F  was a modification of the 202-E designed to handle the 175 to 250 Mc. telemetry band. Similarly, the earlier 202-D was the telemetry-band variant of the general-purpose 202-C.

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This chart shows the evolution of Boonton Radio Corp signal generators up to the 202-E and 202-F. It is taken from the BRC journal The Notebook, Number 18, Summer, 1958.

In 1959, Boonton introduced the 202-G to cover the full range of the recently-extended telemetry band (215 to 260 Mc.)

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In addition to extending the frequency coverage, Boonton added internal modulation frequencies covering the center frequency of some of the IRIG baseband FM channels. See Table 3-1A of the IRIG Telemetry Standard RCC Document 106-09, Chapter 3, April 2009.

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