Calibration plans

I'm still working on bootstrapping my calibration capabilities, so nothing is calibrated yet. The HP 410B will probably be the first item to calibrate, as I had to tweak the voltage divider to get it into spec due to drifted resistors. 

I have a Geller voltage reference for my house DC standard, and I'm using the HP 3468A as my AC and resistance reference. I'm planning to use the Power Designs 2K10 supply with a Julie Research Labs VDR-106 Kelvin-Varley divider and a homebrew null detector to set it against the Geller for my higher voltage DC calibration points, and an HP 6<mumble> power supply with the KVD setup for the lower voltage calibration points.

For AC, I've been looking for a deal on a good high-power hifi output transformer to run in reverse from a transistor power amp, with a HP 200CD as the source and the HP 3468A DMM as the AC reference. Absent that, I have a husky HV power transformer I bought from Fair Radio that claims an input frequency range of 50 to 8000 cycles per second.

For resistance, I have a couple of old hard-rubber paneled, wooden-box resistance standards from the MIT lab cleanout, a selection of modern 100 ppm tempco 0.1% tolerance resistors, and a bunch of GR decade boxes (102-J, 602-J, and a 1434-M).

For capacitance (I have a couple of General Radio bridges I'd like to check) I have a General Radio Type 505-K 0.005 µF capacitor, current production 100 pF and 1000 pF 1% mica caps, and a bunch of polypropylene 1 µF caps that a friend was kind enough to measure and mark using a precision bridge.

For inductance, I've a couple of General Radio inductance standards from the MIT lab cleanout.

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