Clough-Brengle Model OC Signal Generator

Here’s another member of my former Clough-Brengle collection: the Model OC Signal Generator.

IMG 4244.jpg

Clough-Brengle Model OC Signal Generator front panel. This one is serial number 1013. Ron Lawrence has serial number 455.

IMG 4245.jpg

Top view. The mounting screws are inside with the chassis, although I think it is short one screw.

IMG 4246.jpg

Top view.

IMG 4247.jpg

It has a nice black crackle finish.

IMG 4248.jpg

Bottom view.

IMG 4249.jpg

Right side view.

IMG 4250.jpg

Left side view.

IMG 4251.jpg

The power cord exits from a hole in the bottom of the cabinet. The front panel has an empty grommeted hole next to the power switch. I wonder if someone made a new entrance for the power cord?

IMG 4252.jpg

Right three-quarter view.

IMG 4253.jpg

The Model OC has a beautifully constructed turret for range switching.

IMG 4254.jpg

It’s too bad Clough-Brengle omitted the power transformer and used a curtain-burner line cord instead.

IMG 4255.jpg

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