Clough-Brengle Model OM-A Frequency Modulated Oscillator

The final member of my former Clough-Brengle collection: a Model OM-A Frequency Modulated Oscillator, aka a wobbulator.

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Here’s a view of the motor-driven wobbulator. The grill is the intake for the motor cooling fan.

IMG 4306.jpg

The frequency scales reference this hand-calibrated chart.

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A view of the wobbulator motor.

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Note the spring-loaded split gears. This is a high-quality tuning mechanism.

IMG 4320.jpg

The coil turret.

IMG 4321.jpg

The turret contacts need a good cleaning!

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IMG 4323.jpg

Classic pre-war cloth-covered wire, with a careful rectilinear layout.

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IMG 4326.jpg

Note the laced cable.

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