General Radio 1806-A Manuals

Many thanks for Philip Colston for procuring, scanning, and sharing these manuals ...

IMG 0834.jpg

… for the General Radio 1806-A Electronic Voltmeter.

The first is the Revision A manual for the 1806-AR rackmount version of the meter. The circuit is the same as the non-rackmount version. Revision A applies to instruments manufactured before January 1965.

The second is the Revision B manual for instruments manufactured in January 1965 or later. 

IET Labs hosts the Revision C of the manual in their archive of downloadable General Radio historic manuals. The schematic in Rev. C is identical to that of the Revision B manual.

Philip has a nice post on the Antique Radio Forum describing the design changes over the production lifetime of the GR 1806-A.


Philip has produced smaller versions of the files by converting from color to gray scale and reducing the resolution:

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