Harvey Radio Labs 205 TS Sweep Generator and 188 TS Oscilloscope

Does anyone have a manual or a schematic for the Harvey Radio Laboratories (AKA Har-Cam) Model 205 TS Visual Alignment Signal Generator (sweep generator)? Or any information on the companion Model 188 TS Oscilloscope?

IMG 7261.jpg

Judging from the “Frequency Zero Beat” control and the phone jack, I guess there’s a vernier frequency adjustment that lets you center the sweep on a marker.

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It was sometimes advertised as the “Model 205 TS”, so I’m not sure what “Model 46” means here.

IMG 7262.jpg

It’s pretty compact.

IMG 7263.jpg

This example, serial number 649, was inspected on April 16, 1948. Perhaps the “Model 46” refers to the date of introduction of the type.

IMG 7265.jpg

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Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the interior before I sold it on at the NEVEE 6 show. But it was neatly constructed with quality components. Now I’m interested to know more about it.


This seems to be the first advertisement for it, from the February 1946 issue of Communications magazine.


It was followed by this ad in the April 1946 issue of Communications.


By February 1947, Harvey of Cambridge had introduced a companion oscilloscope, the Model 188 TS, and a low frequency version of the 205 TS, known as the 204 TS. They also started referring to the 205 TS as a “Visalgen”. This ad was in the February 1947 issue of the Proceedings of the I.R.E.


This ad is from the June 1947 issue of FM and Television magazine.

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