Heathkit GD-1250 high frequency coil

Over on the Antique Radio Forum, Steve “azenithnut” mentioned he was missing the high frequency coil for his Heathkit GD-1250 Grid Dip Oscillator.

IMG 8017.jpg

His GD-1250 is missing this coil. I thought I’d post some photos of the coil from my GD-1250. Perhaps Steve can fashion a replacement from the photos.

IMG 8021.jpg

The coil is a single-turn hairpin loop.

IMG 8022.jpg

The coil is about an inch long, if you subtract the threaded portion of the RCA phono plug.

IMG 8025.jpg

The coil is shaped something like the end of a cotter pin. The straight side is soldered to the shield of the RCA phono plug. The other side has an S-curve that brings the loop in to meet the center pin of the PCA phono plug.

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