Homebrew 100K Ω Resistance Standard

I’m upgrading my lab standards. Up until now, I’ve just depended on an old and long out of calibration HP 3468A as my lab standard. 

IMG 9309.jpg

I’m constructing a series of resistance standards. Here’s the 100K Ω standard.

IMG 9301.jpg

Some time ago I had collected a bunch of high-precision Vishay foil resistors at bargain prices from Electronics Goldmine. I put the two 200K Ω 0.01% resistors in parallel to make a 100K Ω standard. The variance should go down by the square-root of the number of components being averaged, so I think I can expect a 0.007% tolerance for the composite resistance. (Unless I’m unlucky.)

IMG 9302.jpg

I packaged them in a Hammond 1590B cast aluminum box.

IMG 9330.jpg

I expect to be building eight more of these, so I made a drilling jig out of some 1/2 inch maple from Lowe’s.

IMG 9337.jpg

IMG 9336.jpg

I made up the front panel artwork on my Mac using Intaglio. The application is reminiscent of the old MacDraw. Unfortunately the developer has discontinued the app. I then printed the artwork, via my inkjet printer, onto adhesive label paper. I sprayed the page with two coats of Testor’s clear gloss enamel as a fixative for the ink. 

Finally, I cut out the label and attached it to the top of the cast aluminum box. I used the drilled holes in the top as a guide for placing the label.

IMG 9303.jpg

I used 14 gauge bare copper wire pulled from a scrap piece of 14 gauge Romex house wire to bond the pairs of terminals for the four-wire resistance measurement connection. 

IMG 9304.jpg

Then I soldered the Vishay resistors to the bus wires. I used a heat-sink clip between the solder joints and the bodies of the resistors.

IMG 9305.jpg

I used Pomona 3770 gold-plated tellurium copper binding posts for the “E” or voltage connections, where thermoelectric effects matter (if I ever get down to trying to make accurate measurements at a tens of parts per million level). 

IMG 9306.jpg

For the “I” or current terminals, I used Pomona 3760 tin-plated brass binding posts, as they are much cheaper than the 3770 series. Thermoelectric effects shouldn’t matter on the current-forcing side of the four wire resistance measurement connection.

IMG 9308.jpg

I’m happy with the finished product.

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