Meter collection

Someone on the Antique Radio Forum revived Ross Hochstrasser's thread on VOM/VTVM collections, so I thought I'd show my collection (or most of it, anyway). Click the preview photo below to see a full-resolution version.


Top row, left to right:

  1. HP 411A RF millivoltmeter
  2. HP 425A DC Micro Volt-Ammeter
  3. HP 400AB AC VTVM
  4. HP 400D AC VTVM
  5. HP 400H AC VTVM
  6. HP 412A DC VTVM
  7. HP 410B VTVM
  8. Fluke 910AR True RMS Voltmeter (right-hand side, mounted in the rack)

Middle row, left to right:

  1. Triplett 630 VOM
  2. Triplett 630-NA VOM
  3. Weston 980 VOM (disassembled; the meter movement is kaput)
  4. Fluke 8050A DMM
  5. HP 3468A DMM
  6. HP 427A Voltmeter
  7. B & K Model 290 Electronic Multimeter
  8. Triplett 850 VTVM
  9. RCA WV-98A Senior VoltOhmyst VTVM
  10. Heathkit IM-28 VTVM
  11. (mostly obscured behind the Heathkit IM-28, sorry) Simpson 715 AC VTVM

Bottom row, left to right:

  1. Extech 430 DMM
  2. Military URM-105C VOM
  3. Triplett 630-PLK VOM
  4. Triplett 630-M VOM
  5. Triplett 625-NA VOM
  6. Fluke 27/FM DMM
  7. Simpson 262 VOM
  8. Another Simpson 262 VOM
  9. Simpson 260-8XLP
  10. Triplett 800 VOM
  11. Simpson 270-4
  12. Heathkit IM-11
  13. (far right, sitting in rack) HP 410C VTVM
  14. HP 400EL AC Voltmeter
  15. HP 400E AC Voltmeter

There are a few others not shown: some Triplett 310's awaiting restoration, a few HP 400C AC VTVMs, a couple more HP 400D VTVMs, a HP 3465A DMM, a HP 3490A, a HP 3456A, and a HP 400H AC VTVM modified to be a 456A Probe Tester from the HP Loveland production line.

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