MIT Flea Test Equipment Report - August 2022

I had a great time at the MIT Flea today. I bought a season pass, but family events kept coming up (and also the spring Kutztown show), so today was my first flea of the season. August is usually pretty slow, but there were lots of people attending the flea today. 

Test equipment was a bit thin on the ground, but here’s what I saw.

IMG 0039.jpg

One fellow had both RM45 and 545 scopes for free.

IMG 0041.jpg

 I wish I had the room.

IMG 0040.jpg

He had a nice Leeds and Northrup Millivolt Potentiometer as well.

IMG 0044.jpg

There was a Meguro 455 KHz IF sweeper with built-in scope.

IMG 0043.jpg

Sorry about the camera shake. It’s a model MSW-710<something>.

IMG 0045.jpg

He had a very nice Stoddart field intensity meter setup, with two external external meters, equipment case, and who knows what else. I had to leave before temptation overcame me.

The Krohn-Hite audio oscillator was briefly tempting, but I really prefer the tube models.

IMG 0037.jpg

Some guy brought a lot of what looks like cell phone microwave test gear.

IMG 0038.jpg

IMG 0067.jpg

He did have an HP DSO …

IMG 0074.jpg

… as well as a lot of lab glassware.

IMG 0075.jpg

IMG 0076.jpg

IMG 0077.jpg

IMG 0047.jpg

There were a couple of Triplett 630 VOMs, or the Bell version thereof. I saw three or four Simpson 260s, but didn’t bother to take photographs. Most were pretty grubby.

IMG 0048.jpg

A GW Universal Counter, model GUC-2020.

IMG 0050.jpg

An HP 141T spectrum analyzer with 8553B and 8552A plug-ins. Said to be working. I ended up taking it home, but haven’t tested it yet.

IMG 0051.jpg

This Fluke 8120A Digital Multimeter was interesting. Looks like a Nixie readout, it looks like five digits but they’re spaced oddly. Oh, I looked it up at, it's four and a half digits plus a +/- sign display. Maybe I should have grabbed it.

IMG 0054.jpg

I also picked up a nice example of a Heathkit IM-13 VTVM. I’ll restore it and flip it at some radio meet.

IMG 0055.jpg

An HP 4192 LF Impedance Analyzer.

IMG 0056.jpg

An ACDC Electronics Electronic Load. IIRC, we used lots of ACDC power supplies in the IPL 370-compatible mainframes I used to work on.

IMG 0057.jpg

A Power Designs triple-output power supply.

IMG 0058.jpg

A batch of Weston AC current meters.

IMG 0059.jpg

250/500 mA.

IMG 0060.jpg

10/20/50 Amperes.

IMG 0061.jpg

An RCA VoltOhmyst Junior

IMG 0062.jpg

RCA transistor tester

IMG 0063.jpg

An RCA WV-97A Senior VoltOhmyst.

IMG 0065.jpg

An RCA WV-77E VoltOhmyst.

IMG 0064.jpg

A hefty DC power supply of unknown manufacture.

IMG 0066.jpg

The Archerkit version of the Micronta Range Doubler VOM

IMG 0068.jpg

A Sprague TO-6AS Capacitor Analyzer. I didn’t ask his price, but if the numbers on the tape on the top were the asking price, it was pretty high for the MIT Flea.

IMG 0069.jpg

He had a couple of emission tube testers as well.

IMG 0070.jpg

I believe they were still unsold as of 11:30 AM, when I packed up and left.

IMG 0071.jpg

There were a few non-test-equipment items of note, like this stack of Drakes ...

IMG 0072.jpg

… and a KLH Model 41 reel to reel tape deck.

IMG 0073.jpg

I had no idea KLH made one. I wonder who made the transport? It looks vaguely Sony-ish.

IMG 0053.jpg

A nice Sony SW-55, but in need of repair.

IMG 0049.jpg

DuMont and Revere vacuum tube portables, along with a Channel Master and I think a Zenith tabletop.

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