NEARC Spring 2017 Radio Show

I had a fun time at the NEARC spring meet on Saturday, June 3, 2017. Finds were ...

IMG 4231.jpg

... a General Radio 1310-B Oscillator, 2Hz to 2 MHz, and ...

IMG 4229.jpg

... a pair of Weston Model 80 Analyzers (Weston's fancy name for a VOM). 

IMG 4060.jpg

Losses included a low-end Crosley console. I don't know the model. The finish was in OK shape. I gave it to some young fellow near the end of the show. He was very happy, and I was glad to see some younger folks getting into the hobby.

IMG 3447.jpg

I also gave away this Philco D-10 78 RPM record changer the I removed from a Philco 48-1264 console. I'm planning to replace it with a 4-speed VM changer.

IMG 4060 (1).jpg

I sold a Heathkit SB-614, plus a manual copy that I purchased from Heathkit. (I had expected an original manual, not a photocopy, but oh well ...)

IMG 3448.jpg

I also sold a somewhat steampunk-ish dim bulb tester I had put together. I had a few bronze marine light fixtures floating around and thought this would be a fun use for one of them.

IMG 3446.jpg

And finally, I sold the Westinghouse H31R1 portable reel-to-reel tape recorder that I had restored.

IMG 4227.jpg

On the way home, I stopped at Electronics Plus here in Littleton to ask Fran to display flyers for the fall NEARC show. I found this Weston Model 982 VTVM there and couldn't resist. It's battery-operated and uses a subminiature tube.

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