NEARC Spring Meet

I attended the spring meet of the New England Antique Radio Club in Brookline, NH. The show was pretty well-attended and a lot of fun.  

IMG 1840

I got to meet ARFer Jeff Sheldon in person and unloaded some excess items from my collection.

I sold my dad's V-M 1465-2 AM/FM tuner and his Model 62 speakers, along with a V-M 1440 amplifier that I acquired to complete the set. They made a nice combination. I also sold off a GE Superadio III and the novelty boat radio. I had an indoor table with AC power so I could demo the tuner, amp, and speakers. Unfortunately the Brookline Event Center building is a steel building, so I wasn't able to demo the tuner. I ended up feeding the amp from an old iPhone.

In addition to the Event Center hall, the meet had a large tailgating area outside. It was a fine sunny day, and I think the crowd spent more time outside than inside.

The club had arranged a BBQ lunch and some entertainment from a doo-wop group, the Bel Airs. They closed down the hall early so as to set up for the music.

I neglected to take photos at the height of the meet, but after the BBQ lunch, I took a few photos of the folks still set up in the tailgate area.

IMG 1841

I see this fellow at the MIT flea, Deerfield, and the NEARC spring and fall meets. He always has some nice restored test equipment.

IMG 1842

The HP's at the end caught my eye.

IMG 1843

In addition to the HP 200CD and the HP 410B, he had an HP 428A (on the left). It's a clip-on DC milliammeter. I haven't seen one in the flesh before.

IMG 1844

There were a couple of homebrew regenerative receivers, one for 80 meters and one for 40 meters.

IMG 1846

I saw at least three GE World Monitor P990x radios at the show.

IMG 1847

The National HRO-50 or HRO-60 are on my wishlist, but not today. This was a fine specimen, unrestored but working and in fine cosmetic condition. It went home unsold at an asking price of $325.

IMG 1848

The "Tubeinator" :-)

IMG 1849

Half-price items at the end of the show.

IMG 1852

There were a couple of RCA 3-BX-671 Strato-World radios at the show, as well.

IMG 1853

Some nicely-restored Bakelite AA5's.

IMG 1855

More radios ...

IMG 1854

.. and another GE World Monitor P990x.

IMG 1856

I've forgotten this fellow's name (maybe Bill?) but I see him at most of the meets, including the MIT flea. He puts out a big display of tubes, but he often also has some interesting test equipment. He had a nice General Radio 1330 bridge oscillator earlier in the day.

IMG 1857

I rather like the styling of the Grundig.

IMG 1858

But I found the Fluke power supply much more interesting.

IMG 1859

One fellow had a nice collection of transistor radios.

IMG 1861

He's clearly sold a few during the show.

IMG 1862

I was hoping he'd have a Viscount 616, my boyhood radio.

IMG 1864

The Bel Airs doo-wop vocal group entertained us afterward.

IMG 1868
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