Philco 37-665X console

A friend gave me a couple of consoles, a low-end Crosley and a Philco 37-665X.

IMG 4331.jpg
Philco 37-665X console cabinet. The chassis is sitting on top of it.

I gave away the Crosley at the NEARC spring meet, but I'm debating whether to restore the Philco 37-665X and keep it or to try to sell it as-is.

IMG 4332.jpg
The veneer is in pretty good shape but the finish has taken a beating.

IMG 4333.jpg

IMG 4334.jpg
The chassis is dirty and corroded.

IMG 4335.jpg
It's a nine tube model, not Philco's top of the line, but it looks like it might be a pretty good radio.

IMG 4339.jpg
It's had some repairs over the years.

IMG 4340.jpg
It has 6F6 output tubes in push-pull.

IMG 4341.jpg

IMG 4342.jpg
The grill cloth is a mess. I wonder if a suitable reproduction grill cloth is available?

IMG 4343.jpg

IMG 4347.jpg
It still has its shadow-meter.

IMG 4348.jpg
But it's missing the speaker (and field coil).

IMG 4349.jpg

IMG 4380.jpg

I at least do have the knobs.

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