What to do with a Philco 46-1209 console?

I’ve got a Philco 46-1209 with a rather beat-up cabinet hanging around the house. It’s time to do something with it. 

thumb IMG 2545 1024

It’s missing the phonograph and all of its supports. I think someone scavaenged them to restore another Philco.

thumb IMG 2546 1024

The knobs were missing too. I put generic replacements on it.

thumb IMG 2547 1024

The finish is pretty beat-up ...

thumb IMG 2548 1024

… and I put a big dent in it when I brought it home.

thumb IMG 2549 1024

I’m not sure how to patch this. Cut it out, fit a wooden plug, and patch the veneer? Fill it (with what?) and patch the veneer? Fill and touch-up paint some fake woodgrain?

thumb IMG 2550 1024

There’s water damage on the top, too.

thumb IMG 2551 1024

And this side needs some veneer repair, too.

thumb IMG 2552 1024

I replaced the electrolytics and it works, but I’ve yet to replace the paper capacitors and check the resistors. It has a fair amount of static, so either I’ve got a leaky paper cap or it has silver-mica disease.

thumb IMG 2553 1024

The speaker is in good shape.

thumb IMG 2556 1024

Here’s the tube complement. It has Philco’s funky paraphase push-pull output stage with a pair of 6V6’s.

So, the question is what should I do with it? I believe it is a fairly common model. Should I part it out and have a cabinet bonfire? Give it away? (Fat chance of any takers for that!) Restore it? I’ve never tried refinishing, so it would be a challenge to bring this console back, but on the other hand it would be good practice on something that’s no big loss if I screw it up.


I put up a post about the electronic restoration. I bought some Crystallac and am looking forward to stripping, sealing, grain-filling, and spraying lacquer later this summer.

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