Spring 2015 NEAR-fest report

I attended NEAR-fest for a few hours on Saturday morning. The fest shuts down at 2 PM on Saturday, so Saturday morning is bargain day and most of the good stuff is already gone. I didn't see much of interest. There were lots of RCA Volt Ohmyst VTVMs, a few Eicos, and a few Heathkits. I saw an HP 400H for $25 and a 400AB in rack-mount format, also for $25. There was an HP 428 clip-on DC milliammeter, but of course it was missing the probe. Someone had a nice HP 606A, but I don't recall the price they were asking. I saw an HP 200C for $20, but didn't see the usual plethora of HP 200CDs.

I only recall seeing one URM-25D.

Of course there were a bunch of newer HP spectrum analyzers, but I ignore that stuff as it's out of my budget range.

I only saw two Tek 7000-series scopes: a 74xx with a bunch of additional plugins stacked on top, and a 73xx which went for $55. There was one fellow with three HP 1700-series scopes at very reasonable prices; the 1725A looked tempting.

I was hoping to find some Tek 5000-series scope plugins, but I think they must all be in the landfill by now.

It looks to me like vintage test equipment is becoming scarce compared to the late 1990's, which was the last time I attended the Hosstraders hamfest.

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