Technology Instrument Corp Knob

I acquired a General Radio 1432-K decade resistance unit that was missing one of its General Radio knobs. 

IMG 8569.jpg

It had been replaced by this unique oddity - a knob made by Technology Instrument Corp (TIC). It fits a 3/8” shaft, which is what General Radio used on their decade switches. I wonder what TIC instrument it came from?

IMG 8567 (1).jpg

The TIC logo is circled in the photo. It’s “ITC” with the top of the T overhanging the I and the C. Their logo is a bit confusing: I want to read it as “ITC”.

Has anyone else ever seen a TIC knob in the wild? It's hard to believe that TIC found it economical to have custom molds made for their knobs. Maybe it was a prestige thing, carried over from H. H. Scott's background at General Radio.

IMG 8571.jpg

It has an unusual design for the set-screw.

IMG 8572.jpg

The set-screw compresses the gap in the collar to clamp the knob on the shaft.

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