Triplett 630-APLK Type 5 VOM Unboxing

Some time ago I bought a new-old-stock Triplett 630-APLK VOM from Barno Electronics near Pittsburgh, PA.

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In the past, I've also written about buying a new-old-stock Triplett 639-OS meter case and some Ungar soldering iron components from Barno.

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I took photos while unboxing this time capsule and I thought I’d finally share them here.

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The brown envelope contains the probes. The meter itself is wrapped in bubble-wrap.

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Of course it includes a user manual.

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Here is the unwrapped meter.

IMG 7794.jpg

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“Warning! See instruction manual before using on high energy circuits."

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IMG 7799.jpg

The QA inspection stamp.

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The yellow sticker reads “Install and test batteries before using. Overload protector will not operate without batteries."

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The envelope contains the probes, a pair of screw-on alligator clips for them, and a set of four rubber feet for the rear panel of the meter.

IMG 7821.jpg

IMG 7822.jpg

IMG 7862.jpg

The probes came with plastic tubing protecting the very pointy-sharp tips.

IMG 7824.jpg

IMG 7826.jpg

The rubber feet fit into the holes in the rear cover for the screws that secure the cover to the front of the meter.

IMG 7853.jpg

Here’s one the the feet in its mounting hole …

IMG 7855.jpg

… and the whole set.

IMG 7829.jpg

The range switch turret.

IMG 7831.jpg

IMG 7833.jpg

I think these carded wire-wound resistors are the ammeter shunt resistors, but I’m not sure of that.

IMG 7835.jpg

IMG 7838.jpg

The battery compartment came with two extra fuses taped into a recess molded into the case.

IMG 7839.jpg

This is the protection relay and the back of the circuit board for the overload trigger circuit.

IMG 7846.jpg

IMG 7849.jpg

IMG 7851.jpg

I used Bestine rubber cement thinner, which is 100% heptane, to remove the yellow sticker. It had been on the meter for many years and was quite stubborn about being removed.

IMG 7852.jpg

I used q-tips to saturate the sticker with Bestine, then scraped away at it with the edge of an old credit card.

IMG 7889.jpg

Here’s the meter (still with some of the yellow sticker), mounted in the Triplett No. 639-OS meter case.

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