Triplett 800 VOM

I happened to find a Triplett model 800 VOM to go with my model 850 VTVM.


Triplett model 800 VOM


As I age, I'm finding I like the large meters better. Triplett has a scan of the manual up on their site.


I haven't yet checked out all the ranges, but so far it looks good. The oddball 30 volt battery is a problem, but I have an idea for reproducing them using modern coin cells.


The plastic meter cover has a few cracks and scratches. I've glued the cracks with Ambroid Pro Weld which sadly seems to be no longer available. I'll polish it with Novus later to remove the scratches.


The molded acrylic case had a few cracks from someone using screws that were too long. I glued those with Ambroid Pro Weld, too.

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