Ungar Standard Line soldering irons

I like the old-style Ungar Standard Line soldering irons. The heating elements have edison bases and screw into a socket on the handle. Most of the heating elements have interchangeable tips that screw in to or screw on to the end of the element. Some of the higher-powered elements, however, have built-in tips for greater heat conductivity to the tip. According to some of the folks on ARF, the elements with tips are good for soldering to steel chassis. 

Weller bought Ungar a while back, and Weller was swallowed by Cooper, then Apex Industries. But they still list a few of the old Ungar standard line components in their catalog and price list.


I happened to come across a few 47  1/2 watt elements with silver-plated iron-clad copper tips at the last MIT flea. They were only a couple of bucks; well worth it in my opinion.

Here's a couple of scans of the Ungar Standard Line from the Allied and Lafayette 1965 catalogs.

ungar allied 1965

Allied Radio catalog 240, 1965

ungar lafayette 1965

Lafayette Radio Electronics catalog 650, 1965

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