URM-105C ME-77C Battery Replacement

I bought a URM-105C off of George Rancourt at Deerchester many years ago, along with a URM-25F. George had refurbished them nicely. But I ignored the warning on the meter.


And the AA batteries leaked and corroded the holder.


So, I cons'd up a replacement using AAA cells and a pair of plastic holders.


I used a Dremel cutting disk to remove the corroded strap and battery terminals ...


... and soldered in the AAA battery holders, after gluing them down.



I also had to replace the black test lead. The rubber had stiffened and cracked. Oddly, the red lead was just fine. Perhaps George had already replaced the red one.


Oops, I left out a spacer when reassembling it! 

I keep this VOM around for working on my R-390A's, on the theory that it's spec'd in the military TM. In reality, though, I'll probably use a better VOM or a DMM when I tear into my R-390A's.

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