Voice of Music 307 Stereo Phonograph electronics restoration 

I'm starting to restore my dad's old V-M 307 stereo phonograph. I got the manual from a post on Antique Radio Forum; Oldbear uploaded the Sams Photofact for the 307 to ARF's gallery.

The V-M 307 has two electronics chassis.


 One chassis contains the power supply and the output transformers.


The other chassis contains the audio amplifier.


Here's a view of the opposite side of the audio chassis. It's too cramped to get in there to re-cap it as-is.


However, the audio chassis separates at two diagonal corners into two L-shaped halves. 


But V-M made a number of component connections between the two chassis halves after assembling them. 




The only way to get the chassis apart is to undo all those connections.


I hope I can get everything back together when I'm done re-capping it!


I replaced the electrolytics with modern axial electrolytic caps.

I also replaced the Good-All type 623 capacitors (the red ones), thinking that they were wax paper caps. But when I tested them after removing them, they all appear good. Ed Engelken says that Good-All made mylar caps, so I'll have to break one open and see what they use for a dielectric.


It wasn't too bad to get the chassis back together, although I'm glad I took a lot of photos.


I haven't put it to the smoke test yet, as I need to put in a Mouser order for capacitors to restuff the electrolytic in the power supply chassis.


I received the parts I needed to complete the power supply.


I restuffed the can electrolytic as the space in the chassis is rather cramped and it seemed like the best mounting option for the new capacitors. It is interesting that the can is stamped with values that are different from the ones printed on the cardboard wrapper. 


Here's the almost-finished job. There was a Black Beauty 0.1 µF bypass capacitor that I still have to replace with a modern film-type.


V-M 307 schematic

I scanned the schematic

V-M 307 Instruction Manual cover

the instruction manual, and 

V-M 307 envelope

the envelope that they came in and put them up for download my manuals archive.

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