Philco 46-1209 chassis parts

My neighbor’s son wanted to bring his grandfather’s Philco 46-1209 radio back to life. We started to recap it, but his chassis had a toasted power transformer. I swapped my restored 46-1209 chassis for his, intending to restore it. I obtained a replacement power transformer from Gary at Playthings of the Past, but the chassis has sat on the shelf for a couple of years waiting for a round tuit. I’ve finally admitted that I’ll never get to it – I've got more interesting projects to do.

So, I’m offering the chassis (minus power transformer, no tubes) either free for local pickup or delivery to Radio L in Nashua NH in March, or parted out for $5 a part plus shipping from 01460. I don’t want to deal with shipping the whole chassis.

IMG 6770.jpg

IMG 6771.jpg

IMG 6772.jpg

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IMG 6774.jpg

If someone is in need of a Philco part number 32-8248 (or 32-B248, as some sources have it) power transformer, 340-0-340V @70ma, 5V 2A, 6.3V 2.5A, 6.3V .6A, you can have it for $25.00 plus shipping from 01460. Priority Mail medium flat rate box is probably the best shipping option. This transformer was used in the Philco 46-1209, the 48-1264, and maybe the 48-1263 and others.

IMG 6775.jpg

IMG 6776.jpg

IMG 6777.jpg

Here’s the crispy power transformer. Anyone up for rewinding it?

The loop antenna, dial glass, and the re-coned speaker are also available free for pickup.

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