SOLD: Toshiba 6TP-385


I'm selling this for a friend. It's a nice Toshiba 6 transistor portable AM radio from 1960.  It needs cleaning. Somewhat surprisingly, it does still work. It is somewhat intermittent, though. The circuit board is missing one of the mounting screws, and reception cuts in and out as the board moves around a little.

The tuning is interesting as it has a geared drive to the tuning capacitor. 


The radio has an internal ferrite bar antenna, but it also includes a telescoping external whip antenna that screws into a socket on the top of the case. The cosmetics are fair; there are some scuff marks and scratches on the case. The case is  dirty and there is yellowing. The front metal grill is good.


Here's the back. There are two cracks in the back of the case in the second and third louvers down from the top on the extreme left-hand side.


You can see the cracks better in this photo, as well as the injection-molded badge.


A view of the bottom.


Top view.


Left side.


There is a hairline crack in the case on the left side, near the top. You can see it on the right-hand side of this photo. It extends around the corner and ends at the back, just where the corner radius ends. The crack is tight on this side, but you can catch your fingernail on it a little after it rounds the bend at the top of the radio.


Right side.


Interior view. The whip antenna is intact. It does have a slight bend in the top section, but it's not kinked and it telescopes easily.


The battery compartment has a little discoloration at the bottom of the battery cardboard. This may indicate that there was some leakage at some point, but the PC board looks clean from the top. I didn't pull the circuit board to check the traces underneath.


Label inside the back. Note crack in second and third louvers down from the top on the far right-hand side.


The radio comes with a leather case that is in fair condition except that the strap has broken. The snaps for the strap are still attached to the case, so you might find a leather shop that could repair the strap.


The back of the case. The pouch at the top is for stowing the external telescoping antenna.



Some of the stitching on the case is frayed.


The leather is stiff, but not cracked.

Asking $40 plus shipping. Sold at one of the NEARC shows.

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