1962 Christmas Music Program

I came across this old LP record from my mom and dad's collection. It's a recording of the 1962 Christmas Music Program by the combined choirs of Hiss Methodist Church, Baltimore, Md, Prof. Martin R. Rice, Conductor, Edwin Yearley, Organist, and Faith Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, Md., Wilfred B. Hathaway, Ph. D., Dir. of Music. My parents were members of the Hiss choir and "Mr. Ed" Yearley, the organist, was my god-father.

From my childhood I remember my Dad setting up his new Voice of Music Model 722 reel-to-reel tape recorder at Hiss Methodist Church to make the master tape for this pressing. I don't know the details of the rest of the production, but I assume that the Hiss Methodist Church and Faith Presbyterian Church arranged to have the recording pressed and distributed to interested church-members. I think this Christmas music program must have taken a good deal of effort to put together; it sounds wonderful.

I've digitized the LP to AIFF, Apple mp4, and mp3 files. I've been sending CD's to other members of the Hiss choir with whom I am still in touch. I'd like to get in touch with Prof. Rice's family and Mr. Hathaway's family; I imagine they would appreciate a copy of this music. I intend to send the original LP to the United Methodist Historical Society at the Lovely Lane United Methodist Church in Baltimore.

1962 Christmas Music Program Side 1
Side 1
Side 1 Label [ tiff image ]
Track 1: Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light Bach [ m4a | mp3 | aif ]
Track 2: Beside thy cradle here I stand Bach [ m4a | mp3 | aif ]
Track 3: Hark! A thrilling voice is sounding Thiman [ m4a | mp3 | aif ]
Track 4: Unto Us a Boy is Born [ m4a | mp3 | aif ]
Track 5: Let our gladness have no end Carol [ m4a | mp3 | aif ]
Track 6: The Friendly Beasts 12th C. Carol [ m4a | mp3 | aif ]

1962 Christmas Music Program Side 2
Side 2
Side 2 Label [ tiff image ]
Track 7: Cantata - The Crib Martin Shaw [ m4a | mp3 | aif ]
Margaret Jackson, Soprano
George Foy, Tenor
L. Alan Evans, Baritone
Edwin G. Yearley, Organist
Track 8: Glory to God Bortniansky [ m4a | mp3 | aif ]
Track 9: Fragment of Organ Interlude [ m4a | mp3 | aif ]

You can download a zip file of the entire album here in m4a, mp3, or aiff formats.

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