Commodore 64C computer

A friend asked me to try to sell her son's old Commodore 64C computer. I had fun learning a bit about them. She had saved the original boxes, some of the packing material, and much of the manuals, warranty card, and other paper.

IMG 3299.jpg

The small box on the left is the power supply for the 64C. On the right is a Commodore 1541C disk drive.

IMG 3301 (1).jpg

The motherboard has the 6581R4 SID sound chip. I used the sample Basic program in chapter 7 of the Commodore 64 Users Guide to test that all three voices in the chip still work.

IMG 3302.jpg

Here's an overview of the right side of the motherboard ...

IMG 3301.jpg

... and of the left side.

IMG 3293.jpg

I tested it using the sample Basic program in the manual.

Here's some more photos of the Commodore 64C and accessories.

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