Wilcox-Gay Recordio 4F10

I tried to sell a Wilcox-Gay Recordio model 4F10 at the NEARC Westford show this past winter. I had rescued it from the town dump. It was clearly someone's prized possession, as it had all its accessories, an original service manual, and a telephone pickup coil in its original box. But old mono reel to reel tape recorders aren't very interesting to most collectors, so no one was buying.

Wilcox-Gay Recordio 4F10

One fellow wanted me to open it up and sell him the tubes from it. I finally gave in and pulled the tubes; he did score a single Ampex Bugle Boy 12AX7, but had hoped to get two. The second 12AX7 didn't have any notable markings.

I put a "free, take me" sign on the remains, and some young fellow did eventually do that. I regret selling off the tubes; I should have just given the whole works away. But then it probably would have been scavanged for tubes anyway and dumped.

Anyway, I did make a scan of the Wilcox-Gay Recordio 4B10 and 4F10 Service Manual. It's also linked from my Liberated Manual list in the nav-bar to the left of the page.

I also made a gray-scale scan of the manual. It's much bigger, but the photos are better. I should have tried a 600 dpi black and white scan with descreening; that probably would have been the best compromise between file size and quality.

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