SOLD: Heathkit C-3 Condenser Checker


A Heathkit C-3 with a healthy eye tube.

I acquired this C-3 capacitor checker along a with some other test equipment from the old Linear Electronics in Waltham, MA. They all were marked with "Dr. Ch. Allemand's" sticker and were set up for 230 VAC. I guess Dr. Allemand immigrated from Germany and brought along some gear from his lab. Anyway, this C-3 is unusual in that it doesn't have a dual-primary transformer. The manual includes a sheet on wiring a dual-primary export transformer, but the unit contains a single-primary 230 volt transformer.


230 volt innards, but stock US-style 115 volt plug!

Surprisingly the unit has a stock US-style line cord and plug. 


Interior top of chassis


Interior of bottom of chassis

The unit is well-built, presumably by Dr. Allemand. The components appear to be stock. The capacitors need to be replaced; the paper caps are almost certainly leaky, and the eye tube has a flutter that I think is probably due to excessive hum due to bad electrolytic filter caps.


Front panel.

The external cosmetics are fair.  There are some splatters of white latex paint. (Why does white paint alway spill near the stockpile of electronic goodies?) The front panel shows some mottling. I'd try some auto rubbing compound to try to revive the paint finish.


Front view.


Back view.


Paint splatter. Might clean up with some Goof-Off.


It still has its feet.

I also have the original manual with fold-out schematic and wiring diagram for this unit.

I'm half-tempted to replace the transformer with a US-version or mount a 120-to-240 volt transformer inside it, but this unit really belongs back in Europe or somewhere else with 230 volt power. The shipping cost would be horrendous, though. It weighs about 2 kilograms. What to do, what to do? 

Anyone want it for $40 plus my actual shipping cost?

I sold it to a fellow in Spain via the Antique Radio Forum Classified section.

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