Micronta 22-201U VOM


This is a nice little 20,000 ohms per volt VOM from Radio Shack. Unfortunately the shaft of the range switch broke, so its only good for parts. Maybe it can help repair another copy. The cosmetic condition is very good. Complete with owners manual and original box. No probes, though; I used them to make HV discharge sticks. The meter has pin jacks, not banana jacks.


You can see that the wiper of the range switch broke off from the shaft. I tried heat-welding the Delrin back together but it didn't have enough strength to handle the spring tension from the wiper.


I've also liberated the manual for download, in case anyone needs a copy.


It’s gone. I don’t remember selling it, but I can’t find it :-)

Update 2:

I found it again. Anyone need it? Yours for the cost of the postage.

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