Tektronix "QuickStart Guide to 2400 Series Digial Oscilloscopes"

In one of the piles of junk from a lab cleanout I found a Tektronix “Operator’s Workbook” entitled "QuickStart Guide to 2400 Series Digial Oscilloscopes”. It says it’s part of the “Self-Study Series”, PN 070-7118-00.

IMG 4531.JPG

It’s a 6 x 9 inch spiral-bound book in excellent shape.

IMG 4532.JPG

It has hands-on exercises to teach you the ins and outs of these digital oscilloscopes. 

IMG 4534.jpg

It has a nice fold-out picture of a Tek 2430A scope.

IMG 4536.jpg

Unfortunately it depends on not only having a 2400-series oscilloscope, but also a special “QuickStart Training Lab” to provide the signals for the exercises.

IMG 4533.JPG

The back cover has the index.

I’m asking $5 plus media mail postage.

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