Dual 1219 Repair

I purchased a new Dual 1219 turntable back in my youth. During my college years, I learned about UPS shipping and insurance when I shipped it home one summer. It arrived with the dust cover smashed, the plinth broken apart, and worst of all, the head-shell broken off the tone arm. My fault for not packing it correctly, and of course UPS wouldn't pay up on the insurance.


I repaired it using super-glue, and it served for light duty for years with occasional re-gluing.


But eventually the glue residue became too thick for further repair. I managed to find a replacement headshell (although it's plastic rather than the original cast magnesium). I'm not sure where I bought it; probably from Garage 'A Records.


I managed to remove the headshell mounting tab from the tone arm without removing the tone arm from the turntable, but I'm sure it's going to need to be removed to install the new headshell and thread the new wire harness into the arm. 


I tried to get Audio Lab down in Harvard Square to do the work, but their tech didn't want to attempt it. I downloaded a copy of the manual from the Vinyl Engine, and the instructions for removing the tone arm don't look too difficult.

The lubricants are all gunked up, of course, but the turntable runs its single-play cycle except that the friction plate doesn't move the tone arm. I guess I'm missing the steuerpimpel (guide white). I haven't tried the changer cycle yet; I do have both the 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM changer spindles, but I figure I'll wait until I re-lube it before fiddling with the changer cycle.

Anyone have any advice on removing the tone arm and replacing the head-shell, or on cleaning and re-lubricating the works?

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