Yamaha CR-620 Receiver

I have a 1970's-vintage Yamaha CR-620 receiver that I'm trying to restore. I found a manual for the CR-620 on HiFi Engine. Electrically it seems to be working fine, aside from some noisy switches and potentiometers. A little Deoxit fixed that up. 

Mechanically, someone removed the tuning pulley and tuning shaft and gear from the tuning capacitor. 


Side View


Top View


Three-quarter view

So I'm searching for replacement parts: the tuning pulley and dial cord spring, the tuning shaft, and the gear.

Here's a view of the top of the RF section:


View of entire RF section

The manual says that the same parts are used in the Yamaha CR-620, CR-820, CR-1020, and CR-2020. The pulley part number is 320000-CB07926. The dial spring is 320000-AA08053. The tuning cap and associated parts seem to be part of the RF board assembly and don't have separate part numbers.

I've found some on eBay at prices too high for me. I'm hoping someone has one of the aforementioned Yamaha receivers in their boneyard and will swap or sell the parts to me at an affordable price.

I'm also working on a Nikko NR-719 of similar vintage to the Yamaha and noticed that the NR-719 tuning cap looked very similar to the Yamaha CR-620's tuning cap. I suppose the design was a common one among many of the Japanese manufacturers at the time, so perhaps I can find a substitute from a different brand.

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