Information and parts suppliers for the restoration and repair of vintage test equipment


  • 2018-06-15: updated test lead listing





Fluke electronic and mechanical parts

Fluke info, museums, and collections

GR (General Radio)

GR info, museums, and collections


Heathkit electronic and mechanical parts

Heathkit info, museums, and collections

HP (Hewlett-Packard)

HP electronic and mechanical parts

HP enclosure parts

  • Brettuns Village handles
    • leather handles for HP tube gear: SCH-32?, SCH-201, SCH-202 (can anyone confirm if the SCH-32 fits an HP-410B, etc?)
    • plastic strap handles for HP solid-state gear: SCH-09? (can anyone confirm if the SCH-09 fits an HP-400E, etc?)
  • J Allen Call <> has "NEW replacement black colored leather handles for the 410B. They are $19.95 each. New leather with stitching. You have to remove the metal holders that the handles fit into and slide the handles into the new holders then reattach the holders to the 410B."
  • Kiss Electronics "Leather handle replacement kit" for HP-410B's

HP info, museums and collections


Hickok info, museums and collections

Hickok tube tester info, museums and collections


Precision info, museums and collections

Simpson Electric

Simpson electronic and mechanical parts

  • Simpson Electric may be able to supply replacement parts for current products.
  • Simpson has sometimes suggested Scherrer Instruments as a supplier of replacement parts for older Simpson products.
  • Instrument Meter Specialties may be able to supply replacement parts for Simpson products.
    • Among other parts, IMS has Simpson 260 battery clips, both the D-cell/AA-cell end clips (left in photo), Simpson P/N 03-811310, and the corner or J-clips, (right in photo), discontinued Simpson P/N 03-190012, replacements fabricated by IMS.

Simpson info, museums, and collections


Superem info, museums and collections

Tek (Tektronix)

Tek electronic and mechanical parts

Tek info, museums, and collections


Test leads

Other enclosure parts

Other info, museums and collections

Repair services

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