Ground lead and tips for General Radio 1806-A AC probe

I made up a small run of ground leads for the AC probe of the General Radio 1806-A VTVM. I also have a small stock of screw-on probe tips that match the original General Radio tips, which were clearly OEM’d from Tektronix. Construction details are in this post in my blog, if you want to make your own.

IMG 6709.jpg

IMG 6712.jpg

Note that three of the ground leads  are missing the heat-shrink tubing on the connection to the minigator clip. Solder first, think later, what're ya gonna do :-(. First come get the ones with heat-shrink on both ends.

Price for ground clip: $5 each plus shipping from 01460. They'll fit in a small padded envelope, so they should be able to ship via USPS first class large envelope rate. I have ten available.

I don't expect to be overwhelmed with orders :-)

I also have fifteen Tektronix 206-0104 straight probe tips and fifteen Tektronix 206-0105 hooked probe tips. See photos below. Both fit the 1806-A AC probe.

Price for tips: $2 each plus shipping from 01460. If you don't want the box for the 206-0104 straight tip, it'll fit in a small padded envelope, as will the 206-0105 hook tip.

IMG 6675.jpg

Tek 206-0104 straight tip.

IMG 6677.jpg

Tek 206-0104 straight tip close-up.

IMG 6678.jpg

Tek 206-0104 6-32 spring thread.

IMG 6767.jpg

Tek 206-0105 hook tip.

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