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Signal-powered signal squarer

I need a square-wave generator to test out the step response of the amplifier in my HP 400C AC VTVM

Signal-powered signal squarer

I've been fighting some oscillation problems in the circuit. But none of my square-wave generators are in service – they are all in the restoration queue.

Keithley Model 1201 cathode follower probe

IMG 3273.jpg

An internet friend was restoring an HP 410B and dropped and broke the bezel :-(. We arranged to swap a replacement bezel from one of my HP 400H's for his Heathkit Tunnel Dipper. When I received the package with the dipper, I was delighted to find that he had included a surprise:

Hunter Compton battery scans

I've offered to host these scans of battery labels for Hunter Compton, who has very kindly made them available to the antique radio community. 

SAM 5063 (800x580)

Here's Hunter's comments:

The following images are designed to be printed on a standard inkjet printer. I recognize that few have access to large scale printers that can handle battery labels that exceed 8.5" X 11" so I have broken larger labels up into segments that can be glued together so that they overlap providing a continuous label. In the blank space of each image I have included information about the label, what size they need to be printed at and the size of the box that needs to be constructed to put the labels on. The first image shows some completed batteries and the second shows how to print the labels. All of the labels are TIFF Files which are considered the best for printing line art.

Click on the thumbnails below to download the full size image.

Signal injector pens

Over on the test equipment section of the Antique Radio Forum (ARF), there has been an interesting and long-running thread on signal injector pens like the Don Bosco Mosquito.


All the electronics nerds wanted one of these in their pocket protector. …

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