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Measurements Corp VTVMs

Measurements Model 62 ad
Measurements Model 67

While browsing the scan of the 1953 Radios Master from (many thanks!), I stumbled across the advertisements placed by Measurements Corporation. I was surprised to see they had two VTVMs in their product line: the Model 62 AC/DC VTVM, and the Model 67 Peak-to-peak AC VTVM. 

Electronic Instrument Companies in Boonton, NJ

Boonton NJ was quite a center of electronics instruments manufacturing in the 1930's through post-WWII. As Rich (Dorpmuller) noted on the Antique Radio Forum some time ago:

Measurements was another company in Boonton, NJ where I grew up. Boonton used to be a hotbed of electronics and I had no trouble then getting a job.

There were: RFL, Measurements, Aircraft Radio Corp. (ARC), Ballantine and Boonton Electronics. Those just off the top of my head.

The HP Archive has an interesting article about the history of the electronic precision instruments industry in Boonton, NJ

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