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Triplett 630-M

I first heard about the Triplett 630-M in a post from Fred Scoles on the Antique Radio Forum.

I found one locally that has an unbalanced meter movement. It appears to be in calibration when sitting horizontally on the workbench, but the zero changes if I stand it vertically. 

Capacitor Leakage Test Fixture

My Simpson 383A Capacohmeter made me nervous, as in its megohm-meter mode it leaves the capacitor under test charged to 300 volts or so.


So, I decided to make a test fixture that would discharge the capacitor after testing, and also allow me to measure the leakage current with a DMM or VOM.

Triplett 800 VOM

I happened to find a Triplett model 800 VOM to go with my model 850 VTVM.


Triplett model 800 VOM


As I age, I'm finding I like the large meters better. Triplett has a scan of the manual up on their site.


I haven't yet checked out all the ranges, but so far it looks good. …

Triplett 850 VTVM

I'm becoming a big fan of Triplett meters. Their large-meter VTVM was the model 850. 


Triplett model 850 VTVM

BAMA has a scan of the Triplett 850 Type 2 manual, but it's of poor quality. The Triplett web-site has a much better quality scan

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