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General Radio 483-C Output Meter

Al Krysieniel had an interesting item at the May MIT Flea – a General Radio 483-C Output Meter.

IMG 3870.jpg

This is the ancestor of the classic 583-A and 783-A Output Meters. It has Melville Eastham's classic switch design with external wiper and contact studs, rather than the modern variant with internal contacts. …

MIT Flea Photos - May 2017

The April MIT Flea was on Easter, so the May Flea was the first of the season for me. I neglected to get my pre-paid season pass, so I had to wait with the un-prepaid vendors to get in.

Attendance seemed pretty good. …

Battery testing

Over on the Antique Radio Forum, Eddystone Eddy asked for recommendations for a dry cell battery tester that tests the battery under load.

IMG 3812.jpg

My favorite for this is the Simpson Model 379 Battery Tester.

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