Antique Electronics and Vintage Solid State

Western Electric KS-10376 Null Voltage Test Set

Somewhere along the way I picked up a Western Electric KS-10376 Null Voltage Test Set, made by Leeds & Northrup. It's basically a three-decade Kelvin-Varley Divider with a final two-decade precision potentiometer and a galvanometer, with a switching arrangement to either connect it as a potentiometer for voltage measurements or as a Wheatstone bridge with a 10,000 Ω reference resistor for resistance measurements.

Weller 8200 Repair

I have a Weller 8200 soldering gun from my childhood. The bakelite case was pretty beat up, and held together with old dried-up electrical tape.


One half was intact ...


... but the other half was broken into several pieces, was missing the louvers, and had a big chip missing.

URM-105C ME-77C Battery Replacement

I bought a URM-105C off of George Rancourt at Deerchester many years ago, along with a URM-25F. George had refurbished them nicely. But I ignored the warning on the meter.


And the AA batteries leaked and corroded the holder.

HP 410B restoration

I've been working off-and-on at restoring an old HP 410B. The fellow who sold me my HP 606A signal generator at the MIT flea many years ago practically forced his HP 410B on me. I protested that I already had a 410C, but he really wanted it to go to a good home, so I paid him a nominal sum for it. …

Triplett 310 VOM repair


I'm working on a pair of beat-up Triplett 310 VOMs that don't respond to voltage. 


I've popped the front cover off, but I can't figure out how Triplett intended us to work on the darn thing.


There isn't enough slack in the wires to fully separate the front from the back.

Weston Analyzer Model 980


I'm working on this old Weston Analyzer Model 980 VOM.


I haven't found a manual for the plain Model 980, but I did find a manual for the Model 980 Mark II. Anyone know of a source for a manual for the original 980?

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