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Record Changer Work Stand

I copied the design for this record changer work stand from someone on the internet. I think it was Bill Turner, but his web-site is gone so I can't check.

IMG 3022.jpg

The supports just slide together, so it is easily adjustable.

V-M Model 800 Changer Restoration

With help from some folks on the Antique Radio Forum, I identified this changer as a Voice of Music model 800.

IMG 2934.jpg

V-M model 800 record changer

It's a 78 RPM changer with an Astatic crystal cartridge. It was installed in a Detrola radio/phono as a replacement for the original turntable or changer. …

Sal Brisindi Capacitor Challenge

Sal Brisindi (Sal's Capacitor Corner) posed an interesting experiment in a recent thread on the Antique Radio Forum

Two different specifications.jpg

Two different specifications ...

Sal was shipped a bunch of 160 volt rated capacitors and 450 volt rated capacitors which, apart from the markings, appear to be identical. …

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