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Zenith 5D811 restoration

I've been helping my nephew restore a Zenith 5D811 that we picked up several years ago at Trader Jack's flea market near Pittsburgh. We work on it when I visit over the holidays. I purchased a copy of the Zenith service information from

Power Designs 2K-10 HV connector

I'm not familiar with MHV and SHV connectors. I'm trying to determine the type of connector on a Power Designs 2K-10 High Voltage Regulated DC Power Supply.


The manual says that they are Star-Tronics 5134 connectors. …

McMurdo Silver Model 904 Capacitance Resistance Bridge

Thanks to Alan Douglas I acquired a McMurdo Silver Model 904 Capacitance Resistance Bridge. 


A post on the Antique Radio Forum pointed me to Steve Rosenfeld (oceangate at comcast dot net) as a source for a manual. 

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