Antique Electronics and Vintage Solid State

HP 200CD serial number 739

I somehow acquired a very early production 200CD audio oscillator - serial number 739. These early units had a number of differences in the circuitry from the later production models, and manuals for them are hard to come by. …

Triplett or Simpson?

I started out preferring Simpson 260 VOM's, but one day I spotted a Triplett 630-PL at the MIT Flea. I find the newer PL and NA styles much more attractive than the classic Triplett 630 style. I won't argue that they are any more convenient or functional than the Simpson VOMs, I just like the looks of them.

Ungar Standard Line soldering irons

I like the old-style Ungar Standard Line soldering irons. The heating elements have edison bases and screw into a socket on the handle. Most of the heating elements have interchangeable tips that screw in to or screw on to the end of the element. …

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