Antique Electronics and Vintage Solid State

Lafayette S-9 Radio/Phonograph

My wife’s uncle gave me this many years ago. I passed it on unrestored some time ago at one of the NEARC Westford meets, but I thought I’d post a few photos anyway.

IMG 1196.jpg

It was missing a knob, the dial cover was badly yellowed, the finish was cracked, and the style didn’t appeal to me, so deciding to pass this one on was easy.

22-204A Multimeter.pdf

Micronta 22-204C Range-Doubler VOM

I bought my first VOM from Radio Shack back when I was in college. 

IMG 1317.jpg

I couldn’t afford a Simpson nor a Triplett (and I disliked the styling of Tripletts at the time - the folly of youth!), but I did spring for a good-quality Micronta VOM.

AN/URM-25F Signal Generator

I bought my URM-25F signal generator from George Rancourt at Deerchester many years ago. 

IMG 5806.jpg

I hadn’t used it much until the band-switch mechanism on my HP-606A froze up. The RF portion of the URM-25F worked fine, but the audio oscillator would cut out after a half-hour or more.

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