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HP 6920B Meter Calibrator

Thanks to Hylaphone over on the Antique Radio Forum, I finally have a real meter calibrator.

IMG 5708.jpg

The really useful function that I couldn’t otherwise produce in my lab is AC up to 1000 volts. I also suspect the high DC voltages are more stable than my Power Designs model 2K-10 HV power supply.

Weller W-TCP-K military soldering kit

Some time ago, I bought a Weller W-TCP-K military surplus soldering kit from Fair Radio.

IMG 3282.jpg

It was a bit of a disapointment because most of the tips are 600°F. That’s fine for printed circuit boards, but I find the 700°F tips work better for point-to-point wiring in old radios and test equipment.  …

Knight-Kit 83-Y-135 Signal Tracer

Some time ago I restored a Knight-Kit 83-Y-135 signal tracer.

IMG 0153.jpg

This is the mostly finished project. I keep forgetting to take the “before” photos. 

I believe the knobs are original. Most photos of the 83-Y-135 show it with a lighter gray front panel with smaller red-ish knobs …

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