Bench lighting – Luxo Magnifier

I inherited my father’s swing-arm Luxo Magnifier lamp. 

IMG 1047.jpg

He used it for drafting back in the early 1960’s, when he worked at Atlantic and Gulf Stevedores working up stowage drawings for general cargo ships.

Luxo still makes them. I was surprised how expensive they are. But they are really handy on the bench. Before my cataract surgery, I was extremely nearsighted, so I rarely needed magnification. Now, my cilliary muscles can’t deform my plastic lens implants, so I have to rely on reading glasses and magnifiers for close-up vision. 

IMG 1044.jpg

The Luxo Magnifier has a high-quality 5 inch magnifying lens surrounded by a 22 watt Circline fluorescent bulb.

IMG 1049.jpg

The swivel joint between the lamp and the swing-arm is getting a little loose after sixty years.   I should shim the joints a bit. But the swing-arm itself is still nice and tight.

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