Heathkit IM-28 VTVM Restoration

I recently restored a Heathkit IM-28 VTVM.

IMG 7624.jpg

I had always wanted Heathkit’s IM-13 bench model VTVM. The IM-28 is the “new look” version of the IM-13, and I couldn’t pass it by when I saw it at the MIT Flea.

Heathkit IM-28.png

Unlike the RCA WV-97A VTVM that I recently restored, most of the precision range resistors were still within tolerance. 

IMG 7521.jpg

I replace all that were badly out of tolerance, but left in a few that were close, such as R17, the 6.838M Ω resistor in the DC voltage divider,

IMG 7525.jpg

and R2 and R4 in the AC voltage divider. 

IMG 7522.jpg

The film capacitors were all modern plastic dielectric, not paper, so I left them in place.

IMG 7523.jpg

Of course, I replaced the electrolytic filter capacitor. The rectifier was a silicon device, so I left it in place.

IMG 7526.jpg

I replaced the battery holder with a full-wave bridge rectifier feeding an LM317 regulator set to 1.55 volts.

IMG 7524.jpg

I cut the wire that grounded one side of the filament circuit, since the negative side of the full wave bridge has to be grounded. If the ground on the AC side isn’t lifted, it will short out the full wave bridge.

IMG 7529.jpg

Here’s another view of the battery eliminator circuit.

IMG 7626.jpg

All back together.

Heathkit IM-28 calibration.png

I calibrated it using my HP 6920B meter calibrator. The DC and Ohms ranges are pretty good, usually better than the specified 3% accuracy, but a few of the spots on the AC ranges are out of the 5% spec. That’s probably due to the slightly out of tolerance resistors in the AC voltage divider that I didn’t replace.

IMG 7629.jpg

The unit came without the mounting bracket, so I drilled out a pair of angle irons to fit the mounting thumbscrews on the ends of the IM-28 cabinet.

IMG 7630.jpg

They are a workable substitute.

IMG 7631.jpg

The unit came without a probe, so I built a homebrew switchable DC/AC-Ohms probe for it.

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