Krohn-Hite 430-AB Audio Oscillator

I recently came by a Krohn-Hite 430-AB audio oscillator. I rather enjoy Krohn-Hite’s old tube test equipment, as they make heavy use of vacuum tube op amps.

IMG 6665.jpg

Does anyone have a scan of a manual for the 430-AB that they could share?

IMG 6666.jpg

I got it from a fellow that said the previous owner of his house was an engineer from MIT who had left the oscillator behind in the basement. It has some signs of water damage, but hopefully the transformer and filter choke were spared. If so, I’ll be able to restore it.

IMG 6664.jpg

Based on the front panel controls, it appears to cover from 5 Hz to 500 kHz, with up to 10 volts output.


I received a manual directly from Krohn-Hite for a reasonable sum. Kudos to them for providing manuals for their old instruments.

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